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September 5, 2022

Use B2B meetings during ISEO 2022 Symposium to get International business contacts!

As part of the 52nd International Symposium on Essential Oils ISEO 2022, the Enterprise Europe Network centre operating in Wrocław Centre of Technology Transfer of the Wrocław University of Science and Technology organises B2B meetings aimed at finding partners for potential cooperation in foreign markets.

ISEO B2B meetings will take place as a hybrid event – participants can choose to have physical meetings, online meetings or both.

  • Physical meetings will take place in the venue of ISEO Symposium on Essential Oils in Wrocław, Poland on September 5,  2022
  • Online meetings will be held on September 5, 2022 via Clickmeeting platform.
Sectors represented

Meetings are dedicated to entities from various countries representing agrofood, pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, household chemicals, and cleaning products industries:

  • producers /suppliers of raw materials;
  • producers/manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, dietary supplements, food, cosmetics, household chemicals, and cleaning products;
  • distributors, retailers, agents
  • services
  • scientific institutions and R&D units.
What is a cooperation exchange?

The cooperation exchange is a series of bilateral, previously arranged, approx. 15-minute meetings between representatives of companies from different countries.

How it works?

Registration: 10 July 2022 – 28 August 2022

Participants in B2B meetings register by filling in the online registration form here: link


(!) In the registration form, you should precisely define the profile of your business and the type of cooperation you want to establish. Detailed description of the business profile is extremely important as it increases the chance of arranging B2B meetings with other participants. The sooner the registration is made, the more foreign partners will be able to see your company’s offer. After the profile is approved by the organiser, it appears in the online catalogue from which you can choose the companies you would like to meet.

Select your bilateral meetings: 29 August 2022 – 1 September 2022
  • Send meeting requests to those companies/persons you want to meet.
  • Check every incoming meeting request via e-mail.
  • Once sent, a meeting request will be registered as accepted by both parts and the meeting scheduled in the agenda.

A few days before the start of the B2B meetings, you will receive a personal meeting schedule, which will also be visible on the company’s account.

B2B event: 5 September 2022

The B2B meetings will be organised in a hybrid form: you can have bilateral meetings with the participants present at the location of the event or you can have online bilateral meetings with other participants. The online meetings will take place on the Clickmeeting platform.

Why is it worth participating in ISEO B2B?

The B2B meetings are the possibility of acquiring new business partners, new distribution channels, new technologies  and innovative solutions, partners for research and joint R&D projects and opportunity to learn about trends in the cosmetics, agrofood, pharmaceutical, household chemicals, and cleaning industries.

Participation in the B2B ISEO cooperation exchange is free of charge.


Anna Pytel, e-mail:; phone: +48 320 4186
Agnieszka Turyńska, e-mail:; phone: +48 320 4187

Wroclaw Center for Technology Transfer
ul. Smoluchowskiego 48, 50-372 Wrocław, Poland

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